Sustain this earth by agricultural technology

Sustain this earth by agricultural technology


SH Biotechnology company was established in 2001.

In the beginning, three founders of SH focused on one simple idea :

We want to share our professional agricultural biotechnology knowledges with the whole world. And the most important mission is “Satisfy the clients."

Our company specializes in Agricultural Biotechnology sector that comprises of the professional scientific services, agriculture technology, research analysis and solution. Due to the SH clients’ feedback, we knew we not only got their recognition but also successfully proved our profession service of the science research.

A lot of our clients asked us the same questions before: “Will we put those proposals into practice?” ,“Will this land improvement project be implemented on schedule?” or “ Does it run in a cost-effective way?”.

The answers to those questions are complicated, and there are many different hypotheses which need to be proved. As we do the research and analysis on every project, we always find a new direction.

Since 2018, SH members enhanced our professional diversity and developed sufficient technological core competences. Furthermore, we keep on solving the clients’ afflictions. We really enjoy the challenges !

Above all, SH own the professional teams who always help you solve the problems.


Since 2018, SH members enhanced our professional diversity and developed sufficient technological core competences.

We have finished more than 20 overseas and domestic projects, including the industrial park of agricultural farms planning, the organic waste management, the resource development of food processing waste, energy saving and carbon reduction action and the other’s cultivation management achievements.

We also got more than 10 registered trademarks, and the patent certificates.


Our product and service sections include:

The agricultural technique consultation ; the fertilizers “Boshifei, Fubaofei, Shanggaifei and Shenglifei” ; the feed additives “Shen-Hao Probiotic” ; the microbes products for the environmental use “Clean Way, and O-Clean” ; the organic waste management products “Quick-D, INC-A, Move and Engrais” ; and the fermentation promoter” MNS and ENS”.

We are developing a smart agricultural system “ASLENT” which combines agricultural seasons, agricultural learning, agricultural education, agricultural news, and agricultural technology, and it also consists of the function of online diagnosis. This system is expected to be initially online in 2022.

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