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【Countermeasures for African Swine Fever】


【Industry Information】
Countermeasures for African Swine Fever

In order to prevent African swine fever, the Council of Agriculture announced that starting from August 30, 2021 kitchen waste are not allow to use in hoggery! Feeding pigs with leftovers have been banned from September, offender can be charged for 3 million NTD!
And now, how can we deal with food waste? We have a clue!
SH has newly developed "BYEFOOD food waste treatment agent", which is decomposed and fermented by natural enzymes, does not produce any peculiar smell! Decompose raw and cooked food waste (non bones and shells) with only one dose, highly reduce the amount of garbage!
Special discount for the new product, direct message for more information!
" To prevent African Swine Fever, the Council of Agriculture announced that are not allow to use in pig farms staring from August 30," Lin Junxian and Zhong Jiangang, August 27, 2021, PTV News.

Are you struggling with the disposal of food waste?
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