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【Diagnosing and treatment of lettuces】


♦Date:April 27, 2021
♦Customer: Kangzhuang Leisure Agriculture Area in Daxi.
Kangzhuang Leisure Agriculture Area in Daxi
has rich agricultural and ecological tourism resources. It is a good place for family trip and experience farmers' life! The locally grown lettuces are fresh and delicious, and have become the main supplier of well-known American stores. However, recently it was discovered that the vegetable leaves planted in the garden were damaged by diseases and insects, and their growth was not smooth, so SH team was invited to find out the problem.
SH team diagnosed the soil and the plants. 

First, we saw the cabbage pest and diagnosed it as aphids. Afterwards, we walked to the kale field and found that the plant growth was weak and the leaf color was abnormal, which was suspected to be due to insufficient of nitrate nitrogen. After checking the growth of the root system, it was reasonable to suspect that the soil might be too wet, and the hypothesis was verified after digging the ditches!


Finally, we provide a solution for irrigation system and recommend that the farm owner use customized "probiotics for aphid control". It is believed that green lettuces will be as delicious as ever!


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