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【Green Spray】Herbcare PLUS Plant Growing Spray Refill

  • This product is formulated by PhD Huang Yu-Ming , who has devoted himself to agricultural technology for more than 40 years after graduating from University of Oxford.

  • Pure natural plant essential oils, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • Extend the life of the blades and effectively prevent leaves from falling.

  • NT 250
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    【Green Spray】In order to make planting easier, two series of products have been developed for all common plants in gardening.

    Specification: 160 ml/packaging bag/refill

    • HerbCare
    • NEO plant nourishing spray
    • PLUS plant growth spray

        • OrnaCare
        • BLOOM plant bright spray

          The whole series are researched and developed by a PhD in botany from University of Oxford. The formula uses pure essential oils imported from Europe and is packaged in FLAIROSOL®, an environmentally friendly spray bottle from the Netherlands that can full-vaporized and be used in 360 degrees. It is a kind of healing to take care of plants easily.



          Measured spray effect

          Spray atomization effect


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