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【Fertilizer】SH Shanggaifei (High calcium and boron)

•The precise ratio of phosphorus, calcium and boron is the key to crop health. 。
•Non-toxic formula, no growth hormone added!
•Promote health, improve quality and yield of crops.
NT 400/ per 1 kg / Set
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【Fertilizer】SH Shanggaifei (High calcium and boron)
肥製(微)字第0336172號 Registration certificate number NO.0336172

This product is formulated by Dr. Huang Yu-Ming, who has devoted himself to agricultural technology for more than 40 years after graduating from University of Oxford, and is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of different crops during different growth periods.

  • Features

The precise ratio of phosphorus, calcium and boron is the key to crop health.

Non-toxic formula, no growth hormone added!

Promote health, improve quality and yield of crops.

  • Specifications

1KG aluminum bag: the order price is NT$535, and the special price is NT$400.

1KG aluminum bag/20pcs/carton: the price is NT$8,000, and the special price is NT$6,000.

Surprise plan will offer while ordering via call or E-mail!

  • Ingredients

Citric acid-soluble phosphoric oxide 43.0%

(Included) Water-soluble phosphoric oxide 40.0%

Water-soluble calcium oxide 16.0%

Water-soluble boron 2.00%

  • How to use
  • Effect: It can promote stronger crops and improve the quality and yield!
  • Application: It is especially effective when applied to fruit trees and root crops!
  • Usage: After dilution, spray directly on the leaves, stems and fruit epidermis. Use it every 3-5 days.
  • Dilution: Dilute 1000~3000 times for spray evenly on crop leaves.

  • Notices
  1. Please apply according to the method of fertilizer use. It can be mixed with general pesticides, and appropriate adjustments should be made according to crop growth trends and yields (Please ask for consult before mixing with alkaline pesticides).
  2. If there is continuous heavy rain after application, the amount and frequency of application should be added appropriately to maintain fertilizer efficiency.
  3. This product contains "boron", which is an essential trace element for plants. Excessive application will cause toxicity. Please apply it according to the method and amount of fertilizer.
  4. Please store it in a cool and dry place, and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

    ※This product has been insured with product liability insurance of NT$10 million.





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