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Our Clients

Our Clients


Specializing in the field of agricultural biotechnology, SH continuously optimizes and improves professional skills, focuses on product innovation, research and development. After going through a number of projects, our customers spread all around the world. Thanks for the applause and support from all walks of life!


Serial number Case achievement Year
1 Project of Agricultural Science Park in Banyuwangi, Indonesia 2019
2 Return rice straw to the field in Heilongjiang- Agrigo Biotech Limited, Hong Kong 2019
3 Technical Service for Xintainong in Inner Mongolia 2019
4 Project of Center of Psychrophilic Bacteria 2019
5 Plan of Ecological and High-efficiency Agricultural Demonstration Park in Qionglai, Sichuan- GENEPHARM BIOTECH CORP. 2019
6 Planting assistance case for Huaduoliang in Suihua 2019
7 SINOTECH ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY, LTD. - Professional consulting of farmland project in Changhua 2019
8 Shin Kong Group - Technical director for SHINKONG IECOFUN CORPORATION 2019
9 Planting assistance of coffee and peonies for TSONG JIAW ENTERPRISE CO., LTD in Nantou 2019
10 Planting assistance for Ayi Ecological Farm in Tanzi, Taichung
11 Ecological agriculture planting plan for Banglian Ecological Agriculture Investment Co., Ltd in Liuzhou 2020
12 Product assistance of Teligen Co., Ltd in Sichuan, Guizhou 2020
13 Waste reuse of Peilin mustard tuber in Sichuan - feed additives 2020
14 Process optimization of Yuanbao Organic Fertilizer Plant in Handan, Hebei 2020
15 Agricultural waste recycling project of Sunlit Village 2020
16 Plant plan of mushroom buns reuse for Hefeng Biotechnology Farm 2020
17 Agricultural biotechnology consultant of Grand Green Energy Co., Ltd  2020
18 Overall environmental improvement plan (deodorization) of Huang Su-Qin Livestock Farm 2020
19 Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation- PLA Decomposition Research Technology of EPA 2020
20 Plant plan of organic compost plant in Lanyang 2020
21 Land improvement of Wan Meu Stuff Co., Ltd in Changhua 2020
22 Southern District of the National Palace Museum- Soil survey and improvement plan 2020
23 Planting assistance for Songming Tea Industry in Lishan 2020
24 Tea garden planting assistance in Mingjian, Nantou 2020
25 Biowon Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd - Commissioned research for agricultural industry special project 2021
26 Professional assistance services of organic waste treatment for Taoyuan factory, Riqian Development Limited 2021
27 Organic Farming Land for the Public Private Partnership Evaluation Project. Tainan City Government Agricultural Bureau. 2021
28 The Feasibility Study about the Decomposition of Biodegradable Plastic Bags and Containers in Commercial Composting System. Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan. 2021



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