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Organic Fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer


【The Way to Decompose Mushroom Waste】

In order to solve the problem of agricultural waste and seeking business opportunities, the farm customer who mainly cultivate mushrooms use the product "Move" developed by SH that can be used to decompose lignin.
Information: lignin exists in woody plants and is the main by-product of the cellulose industry. It is difficult to decompose.

【Program of agricultural waste recycling】

Taiwan has quite advanced and excellent technologies in the treatment of agricultural wastes, but most agricultural wastes are still not properly treated. Combining professional background and technology, SH uses the most labor-saving and low-cost technology to convert agricultural waste into agricultural resources

【Special Topic on Organic Waste Treatment】Organic waste recycling is originally a good thing. Why does the “organic fertilizer” produced after high temperature sterilization imply a great risk when applied to the field?

In the absence of an appropriate amount of "good microorganisms", especially organic fertilizers processed at high temperatures and short periods of time, once the organic fertilizer made from organic waste is applied to the soil, not only has hidden risks for growth of crops, but also has health concerns for human consumption in the future. We add "beneficial composting microorganisms" to the food waste processed by high temperature and high pressure processing for research.The test results show that the compost can be harmless after 3 days! The number of probiotics is as high as 1 billion (10 to the 9th power) CFU/g!



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