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Cultivation Management

Cultivation Management


【Customer Demonstration】In 2019, the results of using SH bacteria and foliar fertilizer were published!

After the customers applied our microbial agent and foliar fertilizer, they found that the rice grow thick and lush, and have many tillers and full grains. Beside, no rice blast occurred!

【Diagnosing and treatment of lettuces】

Kangzhuang Leisure Agriculture Area in Daxi was the main supplier of well-known American stores. Recently, it was discovered that the vegetable leaves planted in the garden were damaged by diseases and insects. SH team was invited to find out the problem. We provided a solution for irrigation system and recommended that the farm owner used customized "probiotics for aphid control". Finally, those lerruces grew better than before!

【Return straw to field】Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province

At the beginning of the year, the high-efficiency decomposing agent was used to return the straw to the field. Before harvest, the rice grew densely with good color, and had many tillers and full ears!



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